Hydroponics is a method of cultivation, where plants are grown in soilless media using water and nutrient mixture. It kindles a hope for food production in non-agricultural lands as well as in urban areas. In this system, water mixed with minerals and nutrients is exposed directly to the roots of the plant that can be supported by various media like coco-peat, perlite etc.

The Automated Hydroponics System

The installed system is a closed loop control system with graphical interface & programmability. It involves calculated flow of nutrients and water in a five layered mixing tank. The solution is pumped into the gullies where plants are grown with suitable supporting cups. The roots of the plants directly absorb water and minerals. Overflowing solution is collected in recycle tank and is pumped back to mixing tank for reuse. The temperature, pH and conductivity of the solution can be monitored simultaneously for control. The automation enables easy graphical user interface based programmable timing control and other monitoring of system. The system can be scaled as per requirement to add new features.


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